Brown Girl Lifted

because life @ the intersection is personal & political



i bubble up into spurts of happy

when i’m surrounded by women who make me feel powerful

not only for my beauty

for my intelligence

for my worth

for my entire being

and i can say, “i am enough” with full confidence

what a gift they’ve given me

the gift of seeing myself and all that i am

-Varshaya Visvanathan


with breasts that you measure in “cups” and letters
and you can’t even

remember the size,

and all you know is how they perk or drop in the mirror 

with stretch marks across your thighs that look like you’ve gone to war with lions and

you have won.


that you are both

woman and man

with warrior and Queen 

running and  pumping and


through your veins. 

-Nyesha Lashay

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