ah, yes – sky blue eyes, a regal nose
short, neat blond hair
he’s a generic boy from the Midwest
attractive in the conventional white boy aesthetic
looks like he could be Captain America
an American GI looking for his war bride
but there’s no war
and my English is probably more smooth than
whatever will tumble from his mouth
after he makes his way across the room
i wonder who he sees –
Suzie Wong, Miss Saigon, Liat
he’s trying for that scene from South Pacific
but this isn’t a movie
and i will not fall into his arms by the end of the night
mysterious, intoxicating, alluring, exotic.
that’s all he wants from me
i am the Orient and he’s seeking my sacred mountains,
wants to conquer my strange, foreign lands
i am the precious lotus, sakura blossom, magnolia flower
that he wants to take home and nurture
but he’ll learn soon enough how to fear me.
when given the choice between flower of the Orient and dragon lady,
always choose dragon lady
dragons are power, strength, feared
so when he goes in for a smoldering kiss
and cannot handle the heat
you will burn bright, consuming him
whenever given the chance,
incinerate generic white boys
seeking a piece of the East
let there be no more
generic white boys
searching for their Oriental flowers
because there are none
here be dragons.

Lauren Jia Gonitzke in love with stories in all their forms and mediums. As a critical and avid consumer of media, Jia is passionate about people who take and interpret, subvert, invert, and transform the original material. She’s a senior majoring in English Creative Writing with certificates in Chinese and Asian American Studies. Jia is a college student, storyteller, global thinker, and Chinese adoptee.